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Welcome to the website of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on EU Relations.

A referendum on the United Kingdom's future membership of the European Union (EU) was held in June 2016 and a majority who participated voted to leave.  Consequently in March 2017, the UK Prime Minister invoked the provisions of the treaties of the EU to begin the process of the UK's withdrawal from the organisation.  The UK Parliament will play a major role and will vote on whether to accept the agreement reached between the UK Government and the EU which will govern the terms of exit and future relations. 

We are a large group of UK Parliamentarians, mostly elected Members of the House of Commons but also the House of Lords, drawn from all the major political parties in our country. 

The people we serve expect politicians of different parties to work together in the national interest to secure the best possible outcome for our communities.

With that objective in mind, we are working to secure the best and closest possible relationship with the EU and its 27 member countries who have been our allies, partners and friends in building a better UK and a better world.

Latest news

Grassroots groups team up to ensure the people’s voice is heard on Brexit

07 February 2018

Grassroots civil society organisations representing over half a million people and MPs have come together to campaign for the people’s voice to be heard on Brexit.

Demand publication of Brexit analysis and answers to 10 questions

30 January 2018

A cross-party group of over 50 MPs have signed an open letter to Brexit Secretary David Davis by the All Party Parliamentary Group on EU Relations demanding that the Government publishes, in full, the secret study into the impact of Brexit on the British economy. MPs are continuing to sign the letter and have been invited by the APPG to add their names to it as and when they wish.

Statement demanding a “meaningful” vote on the final Brexit deal

11 December 2017

It has been said that in the EU referendum last year, the British people voted to ‘take back control’ of our laws. For many, that meant a powerful reassertion of Parliamentary sovereignty. As such, we parliamentarians have a solemn duty to scrutinise the actions of the executive. On no subject is this scrutiny more important…

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